Swing Gate Operator Motor

Swing Gate Operator Motor

Swing Gate Operator



swing gate operator:
1. complete-automatic
2. large-duty
3. drinking water-proof

Swing gate operator


1. Functions 

1). The structure of integrated mechanic and electric, CZPT any other controllers

two). Electronic soft-start off

3). With crashworthy and self-backtrack interfaces

4). Automatic return for resistance

5). Photocell

6). Line control

seven). with interface for flashing lamp

2. Motor Data 

Model: WJKMP 202

Voltage: 220V±10%, 110V±10%

Frequency: 50/60Hz

Recent: 2.7A, 5.8A

Motor voltage: AC 220V/110V

Capacitor: (220V) 20μF, 60μF+14μF

Electrical power: 350W

Torque: 35nm

Motor number: M=4

Motor speed: 1350rpm, 1620rpm

Gear speed: 58.8rpm, 70.2rpm

Travel speed: 11m/min, 13.2m/min

Working temperature: -40~ 55

Overload protection temperature: 130

Relative humidity: ≤ 90%

Motor making technique: die casting aluminum alloy

Manual Release: yes

Remote distance: ≥ 30m 

Product weight, approx: 10.19kg, 10.25kg

Max, weight of gate: 1500kg


3. Electronic Data 

Product: WJKMP 201&202

Soft start: YES

Stop on obstacle (sensitivity adjustable): YES

Auto warming-up (at freezing temperature): YES

Remote control: 418MHz (50m, approx)

Wire control: Available

Auto closing: YES

Vehicle loop detector socket: YES

Photocell socket: YES

Alarm light socket: YES


CZPT Configuration

1.Gate Opener
two.CZPTs for correcting
3.Remote management

Opetional Areas

Movement Sensor

Alarm Light


Beam basic safety photocell


Perform Remote Handle

Open up



Minimal sound desigh (<40db) 

One million moments of checks handed

Warranty: 24months

Swing Gate Operator Motor