Industrial High Speed Textile Printing Machine

Industrial High Speed Textile Printing Machine

CHANGHONG Brand  Textile  Printing Device

 I&periodProcedure&colonUnwind System —- Edge Position Controller —-Flexographic Printing Machine—-Dry System—-Automaticand increased speed 

Equipment dimension&colon CZPT dimension&colon 600-1200mm
also we can make 1500mm&comma 1800m&comma2000mm&comma 2400mm &comma 3200mm &interval
Provide your details &comma Make devices only belongs to you &interval


1&period Take it easy&comma accurate color&comma long life&period
2&period Use motors&comma variable frequency speed control&comma saving electricity&comma small running fluctuations&interval
3&period Off printing roll automatic stop the ink-running motor&comma and up-printing roll automatic start running the ink&period
4&period Use special diagonal-tooth gear&comma accurate printing size&period of time
five&period Two sets of heating devices&comma including central heating and constant temperature control system for group control&period of time

six&period Lowroller special steel processing&comma and special process&comma and plating thickness of 0&period1mm protective layer of hard chromium&interval

7 Alloy roll with hard oxidation&comma treating by dynamic balance&comma static balanced&interval

8 With cold wind bellows&comma and can effectively prevent produce with ink adhesion after printing

nine&period Print produce are clear and good arrangement quality&period

10&period CZPT&colon NSK&comma Japan Brand&comma Germany ASNU aluminum alloy roll

III&periodMain areas of printing machine

1&rparAutomatic rigidity management and magnetic power     
2&rparWith EPC  

three&rparAir shaft     
four&rparCylinder stator  

five&rparAuto Loading

six&rparPanasonic Inverter

7&rparSchneider Swtiches  

8&rparChint Relay

9&rparChromed Cylinder


Industrial High Speed Textile Printing Machine