High Quality Small AC 220V Vibrating Motor

High Quality Small AC 220V Vibrating Motor

  Our XVM series vibration motor is made as a large-end vibrating motor. It is CZPT in several sorts with various specs, even though the most effective one comes with an interesting drive of 300 KN, and is pushed by 30kw electrical power. The rotor and stator are made of exceptional silicon metal sheet. The warmth dissipation is restricted. High purity copper wire is employed for far better overall performance of the motor.

one. Superior layout

    All the parameter calculation and design optimization are carried out by laptop. Our exact manufacturing tactics and rigid top quality management program can promise that the connected factors perform with each other on a fascinating situation throughout the procedure of our vibration motor.
two. Particular electromagnetic design and style

    The rotor and stator of the motor are both created of high quality silicone metal sheet with wonderful magnetic conductivity, remarkably lowering the eddy-current decline of the iron main. Hence a strong commencing torque can be achieved, generating the rotor get to the operation pace in as quick time.
3. Large load bearing

    All the bearings of the vibration motor are specially made heavy load bearings, which can endure and  transfer radical thrilling force and axial load. The thermal dissipation efficiency is superb. The double sealing design and style provides the bearing compartment great dustproof house. The large temperature resistant lithium-based mostly grease is adopted for more time support daily life of the bearings.
4. Stepless adjustment

    A exact dial is marked on the eccentric blocks at the equally sides of the vibration motor. So it is simple alter the exciting drive and functioning torque steplessly from Zero to the highest values.
5. Flexible energy offer.

    Our XVM sequence AC energy vibration motor is created for doing work on diverse varieties of 3-period AC power, like the 220V/380V electrical power in China and CZPTpe, 230V/460V and 60HZ electrical power in the U.S., and the 220V 50HZ/60HZ in Japan. In fact, this motor can be utilised practically almost everywhere around the world.

Principal parameter

Product Rated speed 
Vibrating Force
efficiency weight 
XVM0.7-2 3000 .7 .fifteen .38 70 fourteen M12
XVM1.five-2 one.5 .fifteen .38 70 fifteen M12
XVM2.five-two two.5 .twenty five .58 76 sixteen M12
XVM 5-two 5 .40 1.01 seventy two 23 M16
XVM eight-2 8 .seventy five one.76 74 42 M20
XVM sixteen-2 16 1.ten 2.eighty 70 fifty eight M20
XVM 20-2 25 1.80 4.30 71 60 M20
XVM 30-2 32 two.20 5.10 seventy three 95 M20
XVM forty five-2 50 3.50 eight.eighteen seventy three two hundred M24
XVM 1.two-4 1500 1.two .07 .thirty 60 14 M12
XVM 2.five-four 2 .ten .32 sixty six eighteen M12
XVM five-four five .twenty .sixty five 70 27 M16
XVM eight-four 8 .40 one.fourteen 73 44 M20
XZM-10-4 10 .five one.fourteen seventy four forty six M20
XVM 16-four 16 .75 2.08 74 65 M20
XVM twenty-four twenty 1.1 2.6 seventy four sixty seven M20
XVM twenty five-four twenty five one.5 3. 74 111 M20
XVM 32-four 32 two.00 4.seventy three 77 116 M20
XVM-40-four 40 two.two 5. seventy three 135 M20
XVM 50-4 5 2.fifty six.25 73 240 M24
XVM seventy five-4 seventy five 4.00 10.14 seventy four 270 M30
XVM100-four 100 6.50 16.88 seventy one 390 M30
XVM120-4 one hundred twenty eight.00 19.40 76 510 M36
XVM140-four one hundred forty ten.00 24.sixteen 75 580 M36
XVM160-4 a hundred and sixty ten.00 24.sixteen seventy five 620 M36
XVM2.five-6 one thousand two.5 .twenty .70 seventy one 28 M16
XVM 5-six five .forty 1.23 74 37 M16
XVM 8-six 8 .55 one.five 74 fifty one M20
XVM 10-6 ten .seventy five two.18 78 sixty nine M20
XVM 16-6 sixteen one.10 three.03 78 83 M20
XVM 20-six twenty 1.50 four.10 81 117 M20
XVM thirty-6 thirty two.twenty six.ten 80 165 M20
XVM 40-six forty 3.00 seven.40 84 189 M20
XVM 50-six 50 3.70 9.sixty 83 230 M24
XVM 75-six seven.5 five.fifty 12.60 81 290 M30
XVM100-six a hundred 7.50 17.ninety three eighty one 450 M30
XVM120-six a hundred and twenty nine.fifty 21.70 eighty three 550 M36
XVM140-6 a hundred and forty nine.fifty 21.70 eighty three 615 M36
XVM160-6 one hundred sixty 12.00 27.37 81 675 M36
XVM180-six 180 fourteen.00 31.87 81 860 M42
XVM 5-8 750 five .forty 1.62 sixty eight 74 M20
XVM 10-8 ten .75 2.ninety 72 117 M20
XVM sixteen-8 16 1.50 four.02 eighty 172 M20
XVM 20-eight 20 2.twenty five.93 eighty 190 M20
XVM 30-8 30 3.00 eight.ten eighty two 230 M24
XVM 50-eight 50 4.00 ten.60 eighty two 290 M30
XVM seventy five-8 seventy five 6.fifty 17.10 81 450 M30
XVM100-eight a hundred 8.fifty 21.eighty 81 690 M36

Package & Certificat

Outer packing is plywood case, conform to the worldwide expectations.
Inner packing is Moisture-evidence and drinking water-evidence membrane.
All of package deal are wrapped by .5mm metal belt to even more bolster.
THE FUMIGATION/DISINFECTION Certificate, PHYTOSANITARY Certification to Russia could be supported.
PACKING DECLARATION to Australia could be presented.
CIQ to Egypt and Ethiopia could be provided.

Needed inquiry details
Remember to offer the adhere to details for a suited equipment:
one. Make sure you tips your usage.
two. Make sure you tips the power you need 
3. Remember to advice the rated speed.
four. Remember to advice the voltage you use.
5. Other specific need. 

We assure, all of your data (Tel, email, etc.) will be not released CZPT authorization.

High Quality Small AC 220V Vibrating Motor