Evi Copeland Low Ambient Temperature Cooling Heating Air Source Heat Pump

Evi Copeland Low Ambient Temperature Cooling Heating Air Source Heat Pump

1.Software of Air Source Warmth Pump
–CZPTstars EVI air source warmth pumps are created for house heating and cooling. Consumer can modify the working method by running the controller. Compressor starts off/stops in accordance to return drinking water temperature. When all rooms attain preset temperature by area thermostat, warmth pump will be turned off via linkage change.
–Vast Selection of Applications: these EVI low temperature heat pumps could meet the heating and cooling demands of various spots, this sort of as villas, houses, educational institutions, factories, hotels, hospitals, spa facilities, sauna facilities, greenhouses, flower gardens, farms, and so forth. 

2.CZPTstars Air Source Heat Pump Characteristics:
1) Base body and external panels are created of galvanized sheet.
2) Higher efficiency compressor with R407C/R410A/R134A Refrigerant.
three) Contact design and style Liquid crystal display management panel, and the handle alerts are simpler to be transferred to the management system
4) Openable cupboard door layout for quicker and less complicated checking and maintenance
5) Well heat insulation inside of the unit to improve the COP.
6) Exterior rotor fan assures reduce sounds and vibration
7) Lovely outlook and sharp edges reduction cupboard design
8) Substantial high quality copper tube coils made of thread technological innovation
9) Automatic defrosting operate included.
10) Clock & Timing on/off purpose.
eleven) CZPT testing and operational examination carried out for each unit ahead of bundle in the manufacturing unit.
12) With entire protection functions which includes h2o stream, higher/lower strain, phase buy, more than-recent and so forth.
13) Large evaporator to extract more heat from the air.
fourteen) Steel Galvanized powder coated frame
fifteen) Copeland /Panasonic compressor, inexperienced refrigerant
16) CZPT controller and Hassle-free Liquid crystal display panel
17) For reduced temperature region: -25ºC(optional)

three. Air Source Heat Pump CZPT Info

Air Supply Heat Pump Unit(EVI Lower Ambient Temp.Kind)  (Heating&Cooling)
two.5ES 3ES 4.5ES 5ES
Working manner Heating&Cooling
Energy offer 220V/50HZ 380V/50HZ 220V/50HZ 380V/50HZ
Heating Air DB/WB:
h2o In/outlet:
Heating capability (kW)  7.6 eight.four 14. fifteen.two
Enter power(kW)  two.32 2.58 4.38 four.seventy five
Current(A)  eleven.one four.seven 21. 8.7
COP(W/W) 3.28 3.26 three.20 three.20
Drinking water flow(m3/h) 1.7 1.9 three.one three.four
Air: -10ºC/ ,
Drinking water In/outlet:
Heating potential (kW)  5.32 5.88 9.8 10.64
Enter electrical power(kW)  two.twenty two.forty five four.16 4.fifty one
COP(W/W) 2.41 2.forty two.36 two.36
Air: -20ºC/   ,
Water In/outlet:
Heating capability (kW)  4. 4.4 7.4 8.
Input electrical power(kW)  two.09 two.33 three.ninety five four.29
COP(W/W) 1.ninety one one.89 one.86 1.86
Air: -25ºC/ ,  
Water In/outlet:
Heating capability (kW)  three.nine four.2 6.four 7
Input energy(kW)  2.35 two.fifty two four.forty 4.30
COP(W/W) 1.66 one.sixty seven 1.45 one.sixty three
Cooling Air DB/WB:
drinking water In/outlet:
Cooling ability (kW) 6.eight seven.6 12.6 thirteen.7
Enter energy (kW) two.39 two.66 4.fifty one 4.89
Existing (A) 11.four 4.eight 21.six eight.nine
COP(W/W) two.86 two.eighty four 2.seventy nine 2.80
Water movement (m3/H) 1.5 one.seven 2.eight three.1
5.5ES 7ES two*5ES two*7ES
Functioning mode Heating&Cooling
Electrical power provide 220V/50HZ 380V/50HZ 380V/50HZ 380V/50HZ
Heating Air DB/WB:
water In/outlet:
Heating capacity (kW)  17.5 19. thirty.four forty.8
Input energy(kW)  five.46 five.94 9.five 12.75
Current(A)  26.one ten.8 seventeen.3 23.two
COP(W/W) 3.two three.2 three.2 3.2
Water flow(m3/h) 3.9 4.two 6.8 nine.1
Air: -10ºC/ ,
H2o In/outlet:
Heating capability (kW)  twelve.25 thirteen.3 21.28 28.56
Input power(kW)  5.19 5.sixty four nine.03 twelve.11
COP(W/W) two.36 2.36 two.36 two.36
Air: -20ºC/   ,
Drinking water In/outlet:
Heating potential (kW)  9.two ten. 16. 21.4
Enter electrical power(kW)  four.ninety three five.36 eight.57 eleven.fifty one
COP(W/W) one.86 one.86 one.86 one.86
Air: -25ºC/ ,  
H2o In/outlet:
Heating capacity (kW)  7.5 9 fourteen 19
Enter electrical power(kW)  five.ten five.80 8.sixty twelve.00
COP(W/W) one.forty seven one.55 1.63 1.fifty eight
Cooling Air DB/WB:
water In/outlet:
Cooling ability (kW) 15.8 seventeen.one 27.4 36.seven
Input power (kW) 5.62 6.12 nine.seventy nine thirteen.thirteen
Existing (A) 26.nine eleven.two seventeen.8 23.nine
COP(W/W) two.eighty two.79 two.80 two.eighty
Water movement (mthree/H) 3.five three.eight 6.1 eight.2
4*5ES four*7ES four*9ES  
Functioning mode Heating&Cooling
Electrical power provide 380V/50HZ 380V/50HZ 380V/50HZ  
Heating Air DB/WB:
drinking water In/outlet:
Heating capacity (kW)  60. seventy six. one hundred fifteen  
Input energy(kW)  18.seven 23.seventy six 35.nine  
Present(A)  34.one 43.three 65.five  
COP(W/W) three.21 three.twenty 3.20  
H2o movement(mthree/h) 13.four seventeen. twenty five.7  
Air: -10ºC/ ,
H2o In/outlet:
Heating capability (kW)  42 53.two eighty.5  
Enter power(kW)  seventeen.77 22.57 34.11  
Existing(A)  2.36 2.36 2.36  
Air: -20ºC/   ,
Water In/outlet:
Heating capability (kW)  31.5 39.nine sixty.4  
Input energy(kW)  16.88 21.44 32.forty  
Current(A)  1.87 1.86 1.86  
Air: -25ºC/ ,  
H2o In/outlet:
Heating potential (kW)  28 38    
Input energy(kW)  seventeen.20 24.00    
Current(A)  1.63 1.58    
Cooling Air DB/WB:
water In/outlet:
Cooling potential (kW) 54. 68.four 103.five  
Enter power (kW) 19.26 24.forty seven 36.98  
Existing (A) 35.1 forty four.six 67.4  
COP(W/W) two.eighty 2.79 two.80  
Drinking water stream (mthree/H) 12.one 15.3 23.1  

four.Air Resource Warmth Pump Principal Elements Introduction
one)Copeland Compressor :Large top quality Scroll Compressor.

2)Admirer: Properly selected axial supporter motor blended with massive fan blade, which offer heavy air blow at lower rotate velocity, decreasing vibration and noise.

3)Expansion Valve: SXIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS./Danfoss Growth valve, with much more precise control of refrigerant flow method, which enhance warmth pump functioning ability and effectiveness below distinct ambient situations.

4)High Productive tube in shell water aspect warmth exchanger: Optimize design of the two internal and outer screwed tube, it helps to enhance heating trade effectiveness, and provide far better heating capacity. The specific design and style of liquid refrigerant circulating tube on the bottom of condenser guarantees the warmth pump method operate effortlessly in significant operating situation.

five)Air Facet Warmth exchanger: Blue hydrophilic fin and copper tube warmth exchanger.

6)Outfitting each liquid-storage & gas-liquid separator: Our heat pump outfitting the two liquid-storage and gasoline-liquid separator ensures units operate easily in various kinds of intense hostile surroundings.
7)AC contactor & Thermal relay: Substantial high quality FUJ/Schneider /EATON or other manufacturer contactor and thermal relay can freely turn on/off more times.

eight)Xihu (West Lake) Dis.nized PCB Design: Armed forces amount PCB parts, clever managing program reinforced a trustworthy operation of the warmth pump unit. Special coloured wiring design on the PCB gives fantastic ease in set up and even more upkeep.

nine)Noise Isolated Substance: Using higher high quality aerial sound isolated material, sounds and vibration is averted completely.

five. CZPTS Warmth Pump Selection:
(1) Water resource warmth pump
(2) Geothermal supply warmth pump
(3) Air supply warmth pump, which includes swimming pool heat pump
(four) EVI air resource heat pump
(5) Break up warmth pump
(six) DC Inverter warmth pump

six.About US
We, CZPTS, which set up in 12 months 2006, is a contemporary hi-tech business, specializing in Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning and CZPT Refrigeration investigation, advancement, generation, revenue and engineering solutions which be constantly listed here to offer subsequent provider:
one). Undertaking system design
2). CZPT help
three). Manufacturing creation
four). Shipping and delivery
5). Installation
six). Take a look at and commissioning
seven). Mend and upkeep
eight). After sale provider,and so forth

Q:How to pick warmth pump for home?
–If awesome home, you can determine the whole cooling load like this: common cooling load is about 220w/m2, so the warmth pump total cooling potential should be bigger than your property cooling load. 
–If you warmth property, the regular heating load is about 100w/m2, so the warmth pump heating potential need to be greater than your residence overall heating potential. 
–If you use heat pump supply hot water for shower, three.5kw to 7kw heating ability warmth pump ought to be alright for a widespread loved ones. If a massive family, you can think about a larger design. 
–If you require both heating residence and very hot water, the warmth pump heating capability ought to be over two heating load include jointly.

Q:Why it can perform at -25ºC?
Since of the Improved Vapor Injection (EVI) engineering from Copeland compressor, CZPTS made EVI gasoline piping program and controlling program, make EVI air resource heat pump can function stably in the minimal temperature situation.

8.CZPTer check out us

9.Air supply heat pump shipping or container loading

ten.Set up instruction or set up picture, task images
A,Location selection of installation Heat pump

 1). Warmth pump need to be installed in a big area, and have great air movement situation.
 2). Air inlet and outlet need to be a distinct road, the length from barrier to inlet and outlet must be for a longer time than 2m.
 3). Set drain ditch or drain outlet, so that can drain drinking water very easily.
 4). The installation base or bracket need to be company, make sure heat pump operate balancely.
 5). Make certain warmth pump is vertical, are unable to be slanted.
 6). Do not put in heat pump at the location in in which there is a lot of pollutional and corrosive gas or sand or fallen leaves.
 7). The set up area can not be close to inflammable, flammable issue or hearth.
 8). Set up:
—The installation foundation can be concrete design, or steel bracket, and must use anti-vibration rubber pad, And the surface area should be clean.
—The style of installation base can be according to heat pump bodyweight.
—The heat pump base must be mounted by bolt.
B,Pipe link
The drain pipe and overflow pipe ought to be mounted near drain ditch or drain outlet, easy to drain, and put in drain h2o valve on drain pipe before magnetic valve there ought to be provider valve on water pipe.
 If use plastic pipe (such as PPR pipe or Abdominal muscles pipe), end users should think about pipe broaden and deal difficulty among heat pump and drinking water tank.
 Water provide valve and cut-off valve possibly need insulation (in accordance to nearby weather situation),steer clear of frost crack.
C,Drinking water pipe system installation
Water pipe need to be straight, and the organize need to be realistic, reduce bend as minor as achievable. Minimize the drinking water pipe resistance.
There can’t be leaking at any place of pipe.
Soon after all equipments and pipes set up finished, customers need to take a look at h2o pressure, and generate air out, drain dirty out, make certain drinking water cycle system is  clean. After verify there is not any dilemma, then insulate all very hot h2o pipes.
D,Electrical power supply wiring
 220V warmth pump use solitary stage power supply, 380V warmth pump use a few period electrical power supply, wire line is 3phase 4lines, A B C connects stay line, N connects null line, E connect earth. Be confident not to connect N line to dwell line of power supply.
 1).When repairing, please turn power provide at “off” aspect.
 2).Electrical power supply connecting method:make confident a equipment electricity offer is lower off prior to its set up is finished. Put in electricity offer switch at suitable place, Use rubber hole for wiring line in electric powered box.
Electricity offer demand from customers:
220V rated voltage±10%
380V rated voltage±10%
frequency:50Hz rated frequency±2%
 3).if electricity source fluctuation is out of need, please do not begin your heat pump.


Evi Copeland Low Ambient Temperature Cooling Heating Air Source Heat Pump