Die Mold Making EDM Wire Cutting Machine FR-400

Die Mold Making EDM Wire Cutting Machine FR-400

FR-400 Wire Lower EDM New Style

Device Featurers:
one) Exclusive automatical parameter producing system in China.
    Doing work parameters are created by device by itself, you don’t have to enter Pon,Poff,CZPTity,Voltage,Wire Pace,Restrict Speed…manually base on your expertise.
    That implies you could do a good job even you are a newbie.
two) Roughness: Ra ≤0.8μm
3) Thrice Chopping thickness : ≥200mm (Very exceptional company could ending surface on a 200+mm workpiece)
four) Max Machining Velocity: 200mmtwo/min
Factory Predicament:
1). A lot more than 3000 Sets Wire Reduce EDM Device bought out in Chinese marketplace each and every calendar year.
two). More than 15000 sets our EDM devices installed in China and other international locations.
three). 8 measures checking for every device by far more than twenty five QCS.
4). 21 several years encounter on EDM Equipment (From 1997) , 300+ staff.
5). 20 analysis staff for creating new models and equipment.
6). Above 36000 square meters factory spot foundation on HangCZPT town.
Equipment Configuration and Suppliers:
one) Window XP Technique with Car-CAD software management System.
2) PANASONIC Inverter for controlling swing motor. ( Japan Panasonic )
3) “C” Construction HT250 Casting Equipment Entire body ( Japan )
four) CZPT DRO and Z axis motorized travel up and down.
5) Hiwin brand linear information way set up on X,Y axis from ZheJiang . ( P degree, 2μm/100mm)
six) Hiwin model ball screw put in on X,Y axis from ZheJiang . ( C3 degree,8μm/100mm)
7) Computerized central lubrication technique. (Not handbook)
8) X,Y,U,V 4-axis Mitsubishi/CZPT Servo motor/push on “S” product equipment.(servo motor from Japan)
nine) Automatic double route wire tension program.
10) CZPT ±6 degree taper chopping system(±12 diploma for selection).
11) PHILIPS CZPT Computer monitor. (Philips CZPTpe)
twelve) Automatic parameter producing technique produced by our business exclusive in China.
13) Waterproof Copper Pulley. (Use lengthier time than typical copper pulley)
fourteen) Wire roller motor is SPG brand. (from Korea)
15) Wire roller liner guide way from ZheJiang Hiwin. (H level,3μm/100mm)
16) LED Inside mild. (Not outdoors bulb)
17) RuiJun CZPT wire guider. (Distinctive design can be employed longer)

Merchandise device FR-400G/S FR-500G/S FR-600G/S FR-700G/S
Desk travel(X×Y) mm 300*400 350*500 400*600 450*seven-hundred
Worktable dimensions (W×L) mm 550*680 580*770 680*940 720*1040
Motor sort X,Y,U,V G: Stepper motor
S: Servo motor    
Max. operate piece thickness mm 250 (350 for selection) three hundred (four hundred for selection)
U.V axis mm twenty*20   (30*30 for ±12°/eighty)
Max. taper angle/plate thickness degree/mm  ±6°/eighty  (±12°/80 for selection)
 Machine accuracy Octagon mm   ±0.005
Tape mm    .012
Roughness, thrice cutting μm ≤0.8
Max. machining velocity mm²/min a hundred and sixty~200
Max load of desk Kg 350 400 500 600
Machine weight Kg 1500 1700 2000 2400
H2o tank potential L 150
Rated Energy KVA three
Wire diameter mm .sixteen-.20
Wire traveling pace m/s two-eleven
Device dimensions(W×L×H) mm 1160*1650*1850 1300*1770*1880 1540*1920*2571 1730*2571*2080
Controller dimensions(W×L×H) Mm 620*800*1800
H2o tank dimension(W×L×H) mm 580*960*530

Factory Photographs

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Item Introduction
Thinking about the major problems present in the outdated sort Quick Pace wire cut equipment these kinds of as reduced cutting precision, undesirable floor ending and sluggish reducing pace, whilst the brass wire reduce device is much more expensive and tough to discover, we create the next technology Center Speed Wire Chopping EDM device dependent on the engineering from Brass wire minimize equipment, deeply improves the reducing precision, surface area finishing (Ra≤0.8um), cutting pace to make the reducing existence and technology virtually same as brass wire minimize device. But the machine’s obtain price is much decrease than brass wire cut equipment, the operator with few experience of  wire cut edm device can use our device quickly and effortlessly. Extensive efficiency is two or three instances as quick pace wire cut machine.

Our machine adopts 6 sets substantial stage linear information way on the touring method like X,Y axis and other working add-ons, X,Y axis adopts two sets high amount ball screw.
Wire Roller method: the initial company in China adopts linear manual way, tends to make the travel moving smoothly CZPT any obstruction, it tends to make sure the roller CZPT any put on, solved the large obstruction, huge put on, etc dilemma from the V shape manual way.
Taper or Angle part: UV axis taper unit has received countrywide patent, patent quantity:2L2008200332261. Perfect design high degree taper device, make large accuracy for transferring and taper slicing.
Wire Stress Method: Countrywide patent variety: 2L200820005716.seven. Undertake double route wire stress method, keeps the wire tension with same toughness during working, which can protect the wire and lessen the wire damaged chance.
Solution Revenue Amount
2013 year —–a thousand sets
2014 year —–1300 sets
2015 year —–1500 sets
2016 year —–1700 sets
2017 year —– 3600 sets

CZPTer Evaluation
Following 20 years creating, RuiJun manufacturer has long gone into customer’s heart deeply, die company is aware it is less difficult to get orders from clientele if they use RuiJun machine, this is the electrical power from our brand name, who can influence die maker’s decision from their customers’ recommendation.
We can offer out nine sets equipment every working day on the 1st two month of 2017 (1 hour 1 established ), numerous little factories’ year sale quantity can not capture up RuiJun thirty day period sale quantity. Several factories arranged their Manufacturing unit Managers coming to discover out the cause. But we consider the explanation is coming from the users, not coming from the manufacturing unit. Because many clients told us, their clients will not give the die orders to them if they do not use RuiJun equipment, which is why they get our equipment.

Our equipment has some particular features as follows:
1.If you requested 10 sets RuiJun brand name device, you have a die, no make a difference which machine make this die, the size will be just the same, one particular of our buyer stated, other model is not just exact same, there is certainly some little variation. (He has about forty sets machine, thirty sets are Ruijun model, and one more 10 sets are from three various producers )
two.RuiJun brand equipment can make a die with ideal surface area finishing extremely effortlessly, whilst other model is not easy .
3.Even the die thickness is far more than 200mm, we can nonetheless make a great surface area ending, although other model is hard if the thickness is also big.
4.We have important-technological innovation, we do not like to inform consumer how better motors we use, how costly add-ons we use, unless we do not have core technology, unless we are not well-liked in the marketplace.
What we want to say is: we have a lot more expertise, we are far more skilled, that’s why we are a lot more popular in the market place.

Die Mold Making EDM Wire Cutting Machine FR-400