China Top Brand Sem921 Motor Grader Blades

China Top Brand Sem921 Motor Grader Blades

SEM921 210HP motor grader tires china

* Substantial Productivity: Load sensing hydraulic program gives regular and precise blade motion

* Higher Trustworthiness: A-body designed drawbar gives energy in all blade positions

* Convenience: World Class market handle structure with reduced lever initiatives for decreased operator tiredness


SEM Tandem Axle

  • Leveraging developing and expertise on MG tandem axle
  • Improved bearing Structure and optimized load distribution with 4 planetary gears ultimate drive
  • Considerably less down time and decreased labor and service price for upkeep and repairing
  •  Longer support interval for lubrication oil change
  • Foremost in class production and quality control amount, mandatory efficiency testing before providing to MG assembly line

Management Technique

  • 7 place hyperlink bar with electric more than hydraulic control enables simplicity of procedure from in the taxi
  • Optimum blade reach capability, rapid DCM re-positioning for increased attain for greater operating on high bank side slope
  • The url bar is important for extending achieve capability when slicing a lender slope or again slope of a ditch
  • Replaceable bushings minimize services time and value

Blade Float

  • CZPT blade float purpose makes it possible for blade to decrease CZPT hydraulic strain for enhanced flexibility
  • Blade float is engaged by pushing the left and right elevate cylinder controls all the way CZPT past the detent
  • Supplies protection for device and pavement throughout snow removing and snow plowing

CZPT System

  • Proportional Priority Force Compensating (PPPC) Valves include particularly lower spools for motor grader applications, constantly matching of hydraulic flow and strain to electrical power demands, allowing simplicity of multi-perform manage for optimizing working performance
  • Planet-class variable displacement piston pump, successfully reduces power consumption and hydraulic program heat, bettering fuel effectiveness
  • Load-sensing hydraulic system supplies steady and precise blade motion, enhancing finishing performance
  •  Inboard lock check valves inside PPPC, prevents inadvertent cylinder motion and likely leaks


  • A-body tubular design drawbar provides greatest power and toughness
  • Replaceable drawbar draft ball (bolted – not welded) for less services time and expense
  • Easy elimination of use shims to adjust drawbar

Front Body

  • Flanged box section design removes welds from substantial tension places, enhancing dependability and toughness
  • Constant leading and base plate construction supplies regularity and power, strengthening front frame toughness
  • CZPT hose routing minimizes publicity to damage and offers rapid accessibility for provider
  • Maintenance-free bushings improve longevity and reduce general support expense

Manage Format

  • Short throw levers are successfully spaced, allowing relieve of multi-function management
  •  Short lever travel (40mm) with reduced lever hard work decreases operator fatigue

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  • ® Item Link™ will assistance your company, and properly express details of the equipment to related personnel in a well timed and powerful method for your far better tools management.

Huge Cab

  • Large efficiency dashboard with three amounts alarming monition technique
  • Taxi mounted on the entrance frame gives excellent see to blade and front axle even in the course of articulation
  • Huge cab with one.9m height and thirty% larger place than most competition, supplies extraordinary ease and comfort


  • Item
    Params  Device
  • Things
  • Procedure Excess weight (Base Equipment)
  • Overall Dimensions (L*W*H)
  • Blade Size (L*W*H)
    4,279*twenty five*607mm
  • Max. Lifting Height
  • Max. Depth of Cut
  • Max. Drawbar
  • Wheelbase
  • Body Articulation Angle
  • Min. Turning Radius
  • Motor Brand name
     SDEC SC9DK220G3
  • Rated electrical power
  • Transmission Variety
     Hangchi 6WG180
  • Vacation Velocity (Ahead/Rear)
  • Rear Axle/Tandem
    SEM ST22 
  • Service brake
     Outboard disc with brake caliper,Air to oil Management
  • Oscillation (Front up/Rear up)
  • Max. Oscillation Angle
  • Steering Angle (Still left/Proper)
    forty seven.5°
  • Max. Lean Angle of Front Wheels

China Top Brand Sem921 Motor Grader Blades